Oil and gas platform
I am involved in many types of projects, many different countries with various types of companies (E&P, Services Companies, Tools importer, Rig owners,…).
This is a small highlight of some of the projects I have been active with for the past years.
Due to confidentiality agreements, details have been generalized.
Deal Acquisition
Republic of Congo

Acquisition of a local company in Congo, set up of the vehicle, creation of the company and listing on AIM (London Second Market), startup of the operation with Management of the PSC and extension

New Ventures – Acquisition & Divestitures
Africa – Middle East – Asia

Support and Evaluation services for Oil & Gas companies and Hosting states. Evaluation of Assets and negotiation between companies and states, Multi Client data and acquisition campaigns (2D – 3D and FTG). Partnering with Survey companies and processing companies.

PSC Negociations – NOC Round tables

Negociations for PSC – Exploration programs commitments and involvement of NOCs.
Delay negociation in economically challenged projects, sub or just economically justified.

Services company creation and development
Lagos, Nigeria

Several individual and private companies were involved in setting up and developping an Oil & Gas Service company providing local content services with international standards to the growing onshore Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria. I provided local support in-country and consultancy services, advisory and business development services.

Logistical support – Rig Services
East Africa

Supporting services for a rig owner with assets onshore the West coast of Africa, to manage and ensure proper routing and logistics needs to bring the rig by sea to East African coast via Djibouti. The rig is a 2,000HP consisting of more than 140 containers and needed high standard local capabilities. Frequent visits in the countries.

Machine shop in Southern Iraq

Set up of a Machine shop in Rumaila for API thread cutting. Negotiation with local owners and authority and business planning, cash flow and modeling… Multiple trips to Basra and Rumaila.

Turn-Key Oil & Gas Production project
Dubai – Turkmenistan

On the behalf of a National Oil Company, I was with a team of Geoscientists to propose the terms of a turn-key project to bring an aging non-developped green field to production, maximising the return and proposing adequate and forward thinking development techniques to reduce time to first oil.

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Training
Training for non-engineers

This introduction training can be tailored to be one to four days of training, using clear examples and detailed practical cases on Exploration, Drilling operations, introduction to Geology and exploration techniques (Seismic, Gravity,…). The final day usually is about the contract systems (PSC, Concessions,…) with again examples of existing contrats.

Real-Time Data transmission for O&G companies

Development and elaboration of solutions for O&G companies and service companies to transmit and secure real-time data between the drilling location and the headquarters (main city or Europe) using fibre optic and micro wave solutions. Proprietary solution of european technology provider distributed and installed in remote location in Africa. Successfully implemented in 2011 in Republic of Congo, Angola and Gulf of Guinea.

Service Company Assessment
Benghazi – Libya

Evaluation of the quality and standards of services of a local services company, providing diverse Oil & Gas services to the local and limited international O&G industry present in Libya.